WWDC 18 Scholarship Recipient

VOYAGER- WWDC ’18 Student Scholarship Recipient ( ACCEPTED )

UPDATE 21 April 2018: I just received an email from Apple saying that I have won the scholarship. No words can describe my immediate Joy and satisfaction of the moment. Thank you, Apple, for this opportunity and for inspiring me these past 7 years.

From the Stars We Came, and to The Stars We Return

Voyager is a short educational playground that I designed and developed for the WWDC2018 scholarship. Made in memory of Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds of our time. May he rest in peace.


Voyager implements two key Apple technologies, CoreML and Scenekit. Scenekit is used to render live scenes such as Voyager 1 floating in space and also 3 planets Voyager 1 Visited. CoreML was used to develop Karl, a fictitious Ai with odd sentiments to HAL 9000. Karl is also available as a standalone playground on my GitHub.

KARL – Kepler. Absolute. Relative. Logic.

KARL stands for Kepler. Absolute. Relative. Logic. Way smarter than a human and oddly sarcastic, Karl has been developed to pilot Voyager 3 autonomously. Beyond that, he can detect and express emotion. Recently a NASA intern exposed KARL to an episode of Star Wars as a joke, unfortunately, he now occasionally jokes about taking over the Galaxy. Let’s just hope he isn’t serious. KARL gets his own section because he threatened to unleash Skynet if I didn’t.

Here’s a video of it,

I’ll be adding all my photos from the Event once its over. Watch this space after WWDC 18 !!

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