SST Gradulator Redux

Gradulator is complete. View Gradulator V1 and V2 here.

App Store Link or search SST Gradulator on the Apple App Store

Github Link

SST Gradulator V3.0

Reworked from the ground up and now with support for colourful gradients.




Working on an update to add support for editing / deletion and also fix some bugs with auto layout. Will update when it’s out.


App has been approved and it’s up on the App Store. App Store Link or search SST Gradulator on the Apple App Store


ITS BEEN SO LONG. BUT WE MADE IT. Gradulator has just been submitted to Apple for App Review. Can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, we’ll see. I’ll update when it’s approved. Its listed under the name SST Gradulator. We’ve confirmed that we’ll be talking at the Apple Event.


Wow lots of programming completed, do check out the GitHub link for more frequent updates. Attempting to complete this Thursday. Had to make some changes to the design due to time constraints.


Subject View Design completed. Might make some edits, the result cells feel a little empty / overly popping. Maybe too much contrast.


Project is available on Github! ( Warning, its a work in progress but you can watch the code as it gets written and pushed! )

Update #1

Potentially going to talk about my apps at an apple event, so; SST Gradulator is coming back with a vengeance, still in the early stages of development but expect updates soon. We’re rewriting this application from scratch to set it up with cloud backups, using core graphics for rendering graphs and a much cleaner and beautiful ui. Here’s a sneak peak. The UI was heavily inspired by my SpaceRace project which is concurrently being worked on. Rewriting this app as I want to change the application’s rendering and storage functions, rewriting is much less hassle then modifying.

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