$echo SST Gradulator Redux

Wow. Barely done with SpaceRace and already a new project on my plate? Talk about overwork. In all honesty, I do enjoy making new stuff so it isn’t that bad, but it does mean no more Netflix binging.

So I could just present Gradulator in its current state, but I hate showing off work I’m not that proud of.
So in that light, Gradulator is getting a makeover, inside and out, hopefully rewriting it to be less of a resource hog, see if I can get the GPU to handle some of that graph rendering instead of making the CPU do all the dirty work. Actually, the graphs I’m rendering are so small its negligible but I like the idea of perfecting resource management at the small scale so when I have to work on a bigger app, I’d have done it before. Sorry, I’m rambling.

Hope to update soon on the state of Gradulator, I’ve had some luck implementing core graphics today, hope nothing breaks.

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